The Google parent company Alphabet has a new family member. The new startup “Instrinsic” comes from the so-called Moonshopt division of the group and is to take care of the areas of artificial intelligence and industrial robotics in the future.



Robots and Google have been inseparable at least since the acquisition of robotics company Boston Dynamic. But beyond Spot and Co, the company now wants to bring robotics and AI more fully into industry. Instrinsic, the company says, aims to unlock the creative and economic potential of industrial robotics for millions more businesses, entrepreneurs and developers. In doing so, the group is not focusing on any particular sector, but wants to give all industries access to robotics. All complete with user-friendly AI software and tailored to the needs of the respective sector.


“By unlocking access to these incredible productivity tools, we hope to support a shift towards a more sustainable and equitable way of making things.” – Wendy Tan-White, CEO, Intrinsic


For example, the robots in the Intrinsic lab use motion planning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, simulations and force control to optimally design the technology. Alphabet tested the robots for this in real manufacturing environments to prepare them as optimally as possible for the future. For example, they have already assembled furniture and are currently working with ETH Zurich, where they are testing motion planning software that will assemble wooden parts for a sustainable architecture project.

Currently, the newly founded company is looking for partners in the automotive, electronics and healthcare industries who already use industrial robotics and want to learn together.


Pictures: Alphabet/Intrinsic


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