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Google AI: A New Milestone in Competition with OpenAI’s ChatGPT

AI news from Google's developer conference marks a big leap in AI integration, with a focus on responsible use and search engine improvement. The new Palm 2 language model is expected to set new standards in competition with OpenAI's GPT-4.

Google CEO in favor of regulating AI

In the age of technology, we have to ask ourselves what impact the rapid development has on our lives. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has now spoken out in favor of legal rules for dealing with artificial intelligence. Especially so-called deepfake videos, in which real people can be deceptively portrayed, pose a danger to society. Their production must have consequences, Pichai emphasized in an interview with the US TV station CBS.

AI and the code – Google creates an artificial intelligence that programs autonomously

Google wants to simplify the processes behind programming and is helping with a new AI. The artificial intelligence understands the syntax of a programming language and should also be able to interpret simple command inputs and translate them into code.

Google launches new augmented reality glasses – but are they too careful this time?

It's been a few years since Google launched their first attempt at augmented reality. Google Glass, despite promising features, was a flop. The constant use of built-in video cameras, the lack of understanding for users. But now the tech company wants to get it right and is experimenting with new possibilities in AR.

Google’s PHORUM AI model creates photorealistic 3D avatars

Avatars will be a big part of our future communication, especially with the Metaverse in the starting blocks. With Google's PHORUM AI model, creating them will be child's play in the future, because all it takes is a photo.

Deepmind’s AlphaCode – when AI writes code

Can artificial intelligence code? Alphabet's Deepmind shows with its new coding AI AlphaCode that machines can demonstrate critical thinking when writing programs.

Project Polyvit – Google researchers succeed in teaching an AI to hear and see simultaneously

As the Polyvit project shows artificial intelligence is becoming more and more similar to humans. This is also demonstrated by a current research area of the AI team at Google. For the...

Smart Glasses on the rise – how technology is moving into our field of vision

Smart glasses are increasingly conquering the market. Whether Facebook, Google or some other startups. The future of smart glasses is upon us.

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