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Google uses their artificial intelligence to create chips

In the area of chip creation, especially in the so-called floor plans, Google will rely on artificial intelligence in the future!

Google presents their strategy for the future of work

Google unveils its New Working strategy for a post-pandemic world - with employees, the CEO says, getting maximum freedom.

Google Ads FLoC – the end of cookie-based and personalized advertising

Google Ads recently announced that they will no longer be serving personalized ads. The future is called FLoC.

AI Gaming with Muzero – Artificial Intelligence beats Atari games

Google's gaming AI Muzero beats Atari games on its own - is this the future of artificial intelligence.

Google’s augmented reality search brings Baby Yoda into your home

Google is bringing Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda, to your home through their search engine with a new Mobile AR model.