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Innovation explained: Supervised Learning

AI is a household name for many, but how do machines learn? In this "Innovation Explained", we take a look at supervised learning.

Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Makes AI More Human

Neuromorphic computing takes AI to a new level. With its 120 million artificial synapses, Intel's machine is not only more powerful than ever - it can also get tired.

DeepMind develops an AI that can accurately predict the weather

DeepMind's new AI makes it possible to accurately predict heavy rain. A revolution in weather forecasting and an opportunity for many sectors.

Intrinsic – Google’s parent company launches its own industrial robotics and AI startup

The new startup "Instrinsic" from Google's Alphabet group is to take care of the areas of artificial intelligence and industrial robotics in the future.

The 7 patterns of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has become an increasingly central topic in recent years. But which building blocks do all applications have in common? An insight into the seven patterns of AI!

Company Watch – Soul Machines shapes the future of virtual assistants

Virtual avatars are a central tool of the future. The AI and avatars of Soul Machines breathe life into digital assistants.

Amazon-Go for stationary retail – how Amazon wants to transform retail

Amazon-Go brings its "Just Walk Out" technology to the stationary retail trade and supports retailers in digitizing the POS.

Innovation explained: Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is currently on the advance, but how does the technology actually work? Innovation explained...

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