On to creative shores – With Brickit you can master the LEGO brick chaos

I don’t know who of you also enjoyed playing with LEGO as a child. It was always fun to build new objects from the pieces and have adventures. But the fun usually ended when all the bricks from the different building sets merged into one big pile of bright colors. The search for matching LEGO bricks alone drove you crazy.

The app Brickit now aims to tackle this problem and, as the platform PetaPixel reports, it’s a truly amazing app. It uses a powerful AI camera to scan the LEGO bricks and then suggests new and fun projects based on the available building material.




Once the app is downloaded, the LEGO bricks need to be spread out on the floor so that Brickit’s AI camera can capture everything. The app now uses machine learning to scan the available bricks and output a list of ideas of what could be done with the available bricks. The nice thing about this is that Brickit not only provides ideas, but also shows where the bricks that are needed are located based on the AI photo.

Brickit is not an official LEGO app, but was developed by fans who simply wanted to get on top of the chaos. But I think the toy company will quickly come up with similar ideas to extend the gaming experience beyond the lifespan of the official Speielsets.

The app is currently available for free for iOS through the Apple App Store, with an Android version slated for release in the fall of 2021.



Post picture: Brickit / PetaPixel

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