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The first steps to Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, is on the rise. But many companies are wondering how they can successfully manage this step into the future. Don't worry, we've put together the first steps to Industry 4.0 for you!

Tired of PowerPoint? This AI automatically creates presentations

Generative AI is a tool that helps companies save time and resources by automatically creating content and design elements for presentations and marketing campaigns. Here are two tools that can free you from tedious PowerPoint work...

3 Technology trends for the year 2023

The new year has begun, and in 2023 we can once again expect a lot of new developments and innovations. Here are three trends that are likely to keep us busy in the coming months.

AI masters bluffing – DeepNash is one of the best Stratego players in the world

DeepMind is known for their impressive artificial intelligences. The new AI called DeepNash fits in wonderfully, as it has learned to beat almost all human players in Stratego.

What would your younger self say? – Artist trains AI chatbot with her old diaries

Sometimes the use of technology sounds like it came straight out of a fantasy movie. Such was the case when a tech artist gave 10 years of diaries to an AI so it could converse with its younger self.

When AI creates images – text-to-image with Midjourney

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we perceive reality. But text-to-picture solutions, like Midjourney, bring a whole new way of using the technology - sometimes impressive, sometimes disturbing...

How “healthy” are the machines – New AI from ETH Zurich hears when maintenance is needed

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed an AI that can hear whether machines are "healthy" or in need of maintenance.

Innovation explained: Supervised Learning

AI is a household name for many, but how do machines learn? In this "Innovation Explained", we take a look at supervised learning.

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