Translating texts in real time is not a complete novelty, at least since Google Translate’s Lens function. But Facebook is bringing a whole new level of precision to the market with their new AI model TextStyleBrush.

The AI team at Facebook’s research division has created an unsupervised AI model that can view and translate a single typed or handwritten word via a smartphone camera. What’s special about this is that it not only perfectly imitates the written word, but also seamlessly blends it into the camera view. The original word simply disappears and the difference is almost undetectable.


“It works similar to the way style brush tools work in word processors, but for text aesthetics in images. It surpasses state-of-the-art accuracy in both automated tests and user studies for any type of text” – Facebook AI Team

Unlike previous approaches that define specific parameters such as font or target style monitoring, the researchers take a more holistic approach to training, detaching the content of a text image from all aspects of the appearance of the entire word field.

As impressive as TextStyleBrush’s function already is on cell phones, the idea of such an augmented reality application in the announced Facebook Smart Glasses becomes even more fascinating. The application’s artificial intelligence can easily render and translate any note or handwriting.

These application features open up whole new possibilities for AR Glasses and make us want to know more.


Post picture: Facebook


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