With the research project “AxIoM” there is now a novel assistance system to support the manual assembly process. The system is designed to support manual assembly stations and minimize errors in production.

Let’s take the assembly of a special pump that requires manual assembly. AxIoM’s assistance provides step-by-step tips for assembly, individually adapted to the employee at the assembly workstation. In addition to instructions on individual hand grips and on the required assembly parts, supplementary advice is given, if necessary, on how to maintain a gentle body posture during the activity in order to enable the highest possible ergonomics. Through sensor technology and artificial intelligence, the system also continuously learns and improves efficiency and cost savings.

The system continuously analyzes process data collected at the assembly station as well as camera-based information using image processing and machine learning techniques in an attempt to improve ergonomic and product-related work situations. In addition to the quality of the final product, the AI checks all steps in detail and improves working methods and assembly – always focusing on people and their individual abilities.


“With the assistance system, we do not want to replace human work, but support it in the best possible way. It should become easier and also possible for people who are disadvantaged on the labor market” – Christoph Petzoldt, BIBA scientist and project manager

In addition to process optimization, another goal of the project is to qualify employees and increase their self-motivation. The buzzword here is “gamification.” The playful approach of the assistance system uses systemic motivation through incentives and describes the process of playfully learning new techniques and hand movements. Using the data provided by the system, the gamification elements are individualized and optimized.

More information and details are available here!


Post picture: Christoph Petzoldt/BIBA


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