When you think of space technology and rockets, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos come to mind particularly quickly. But a very unique development is coming out of Augsburg, Germany. The founders of Rocket Factory Augsburg have, according to the Wirtschaftswoche, designed an extremely efficient engine that now allows them to build dozens of rockets a year and even launch them from Germany.

The young company has taken a big step forward. Recently, the engineers successfully tested their rocket engine for the first time. The 30-meter-high rocket construct is expected to carry more than a ton of payload into space, making it a strong competitor for SpaceX and co.


“We build the best and most affordable rockets and microlaunchers. Our engine technology is revolutionary and far superior. We maximize the cost advantages of serial production because we build rockets just like cars.”


By the end of next year, Rocket Factory Augsburg aims to send the first microlauncher, as they call their rocket, into space. That would also be a first for a German company to get that far.

As reported in previous posts, the space business is a booming segment right now – whether it’s satellite technology, rockets or logistics – companies are looking for solutions in the vastness of space. The Augsburg-based company is thus on a path that many other companies will follow in the coming decades.


Post picture: Rocket Factory Augsburg


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