The company Deepdub has made it their mission to turn the film market on its head. With their unique platform, they use artificial intelligence to translate actors’ voices into any other language as well. So if you want to finally hear the much acclaimed voice of Morgan Freeman in German movies, this is your chance.



The Tel Aviv-based company uses AI and Deep Learning to have the audience experience for entertainment companies on a whole new level and minimize costs for dubbing.


“We offer the entertainment industry the ability to seamlessly localize content into multiple languages with one click” – Oz Krakowski, Chief Marketing Officer Deepdub

Especially is a time when eagerly awaiting the next episode of a series on Netflix, a great opportunity to deliver efficiently and timely. Founded in 2019, the company aims to bridge the gap between dubbing and viewer experience by using synthetic voices to dub movies with the original voices of the actors in the shortest possible time.

Deployment of Deepdub’s platform is expected to be in Hollywood, as well as in streaming and gaming.



Post picture: Deepdub


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