No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention

How did Netflix become the innovation company it is today? The book “No Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention “* by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer.

As reported in a previous blog post, the Netflix Culture Deck is still a model for the leadership culture of many founders today. In their book, the two authors provide a deep dive into the streaming giant’s unique culture of innovation.

Co-authored with professor Erin Meyer, this book about the Netflix CEO culture delves deeper into the basics known from the Netflix Culture Deck. In fascinating and practical examples, the authors show the path of Netflix and give direct advice for all readers to integrate into their daily lives.

Because one thing quickly becomes clear as you read, Netflix may be one of the most innovative or resourceful companies in the world, but that doesn’t come without hard work and some obstacles as well.

As Reed Hastings rejects conventional management styles and has developed new and unusual ways of managing, it is necessary to take a closer look at the unorthodox principles. Whether it’s that there are no vacation or expense policies at Netflix or that you’re even supposed to give direct, constructive open feedback to your bosses, some principles do require explanation.

The dialogue between the authors makes the book very lively. A book for anyone who wants to establish a new and tested culture of innovation in their own company.


You can buy the book here*


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Alexander Pinker
Alexander Pinker
Alexander Pinker is an innovation profiler, future strategist and media expert who helps companies understand the opportunities behind technologies such as artificial intelligence for the next five to ten years. He is the founder of the consulting firm "Alexander Pinker - Innovation Profiling", the innovation marketing agency "innovate! communication" and the news platform "Medialist Innovation". He is also the author of three books and a lecturer at the Technical University of Würzburg-Schweinfurt.

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