To end the week, let’s take a look at a galaxy far, far away. With a new update to the AR capabilities of Google Search, fans of the Star Wars series The Mandalorian can now bring Baby Yoda, also known as Grogu, into their own homes in all his glory.

If you search for “Baby Yoda”, “Grogu” or “The Child” on the search engine, not only will all conceivable information about the series or redirects to wikis and Disney+ pages appear, but you can now also select a 3D model and use augmented reality to bring the lovable (and gluttonous) alien to your home; all enriched with speech, sound effects and much more.

Google’s AR Search holds many a surprise. Whether dinosaurs, animals or objects, with the detailed 3D models many aspects become more tangible and bring a WOW effect. Especially helpful: children can usually get through the deposited info panels to further funny or important information about the models, all by smartphone or tablet.

By tapping on the option to see Baby Yoda in their own environment, after the appropriate access rights, you can briefly scan the floor or table and then experience Grogu in the Zimmmer.

Experiments like this are an important step in the increasing adoption of augmented reality by the masses and in showing the possibilities of mobile AR. Amazon is also using the same technology to project certain furniture directly into the room, for example. Between usefulness and fun – AR is increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives.



Post Picture: Star Wars / Disney


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