Boston Dynamics is going into new hands. South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Group is looking to vastly expand its robotics activities and is enlisting the support of flagship company Boston Dynamics.

With you, Spot can (Source: Boston Dynamics)


Focus of activities in the future should be not only in logistics, but also in the now to be expanded service sector. As confirmed by recent press reports, 80% of the robotics company now belongs to the South Korean group. The cost was $1.1 billion.

The acquisition is expected to be completed by June 2021, allowing Hyundai to leverage key technology for their new innovations and high-performance robots.
Through unique features, such as the agile dog-like robot Spot and the frequently mentioned 3D stitching solution for robots will improve and optimize the group’s robotics. However, Hyundai will not only focus on its own projects in the future; services in care work and hospitals are also expected to increase.

With the competencies of the two companies, robotics can be given a huge boost in many areas, bringing the technology even further onto factory floors and into homes.


Post picture: Boston Dynamics


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