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Darth Vader’s iconic voice will be created by an AI in the future

Since the early Star Wars films, the voice of iconic villain Darth Vader has come from James Earl Jones - now 45 years later, the 91-year-old actor wants to step down from dubbing the character. But that doesn't mean fans want to get used to a new voice, as Jones has used AI from Ukrainian company Respeecher to make his voice immortal.

Google’s augmented reality search brings Baby Yoda into your home

Google is bringing Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda, to your home through their search engine with a new Mobile AR model.

Innovation explained: Holograms

Holograms have always seemed futuristic, but the development of technology today is so far that we can create realistic holograms.

3 Examples in which Science Fiction became the Model for important Trends

The view into the world of tomorrow. A task that many professions have made their mission. But this is not only about futurists, futurists and innovation profilers, it is also about science fiction authors who have often been right in their visions.

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