At this year’s Facebook Connect, the social media giant unveiled its latest project. With its new Oculus feature “Infinite Office”, Facebook wants to help people in the home office and offer them virtual office space.

Infinite Office (Source: Oculus)


The virtual office environment can be designed freely according to the user’s wishes and even allows working on several monitors via virtual displays. However, since office work in virtual reality is different from a game or any other Oculus application, a new type of hardware is needed. Therefore, Facebook together with Logitech is developing an interface for their K830 keyboard to integrate it into the VR world. Users can type and interact with their applications as they would in the traditional office.

The focus is also on improving the classic everyday working environment. For example, there will be possibilities for virtual meetings and a so-called “Passthrough”, i.e. the simple change between VR mode and the actual environment, is also planned.

Infinite Office is scheduled to come to the Oculus Quest 2 this year for selected users and thus collect first feedback.

Post picture: Oculus


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