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Meta’s Super Bowl commercial irritates viewers

Facebook's parent company Meta made a strong case for the Metaverse and their Quest 2 with their Super Bowl commercial this year. However, the message is not made entirely clear....

Facebook Oculus Infinite Office is the virtual reality office for home

At this year's Facebook Connect, Facebook unveiled its new Oculus feature "Infinite Office", through which Facebook wants to offer virtual office space to people in the home office.

Surgical education in Virtual Reality – how the Oculus Business Platform revolutionizes medicine

Medicine is increasingly discovering virtual reality for itself. Especially the surgical education is revolutionized by VR, as this Use Case shows.

Social VR – Facebook Horizon enters the alpha phase

Currently, we realize more than ever that we need virtual alternatives. With Facebook Horizon, the company is shaping the future of virtual reality.

VR Healthcare: Virtual Reality in Medicine

Virtual Reality is already used in many industries, from gaming and tourism to construction. However, VR Healthcare will gain considerable importance in the coming years.

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