Learning must become more and more individual and intuitive for children. Although the classical methods of the educational system have proven themselves over the past decades, new technologies and data-based systems can take learning experiences to a completely new level. One company that makes this possible is the startup MyBuddy.ai, which develops virtual tools to help children learn English through playful interaction.

MyBuddy.ai demo with Sophia 0+

MyBuddy.ai demo with Sophia 0+ (Source: MyBuddy.ai)


The app of the San Francisco-based young company works with virtual avatars that are intended to serve as AI-supported tutors for students. In a series of exercises, they can interact directly with the virtual friend and teacher and practice the new language with them. During the development of the application, MyBuddy.ai attached great importance to the didactic concepts:


“Buddy’s curriculum is designed by PhDs in the psychology of learning and education, with decades of practical experience in teaching children English as a foreign language.”


Especially in times of a pandemic, when many children are taught at home, the tutor can use artificial intelligence to support the parents and improve learning at home. The AI tutor offers unlimited practice of spoken English, can be scaled to millions of students and is always available, the company’s founder said in an interview.


MyBuddy.ai can, according to its own statements, look back on more than one million installations of the app and has received start-up financing of $1 million from LETA Capital, so TechCrunch. What’s particularly exciting about this company is that it merged with another EdTech start-up only last month. Since this merger MyBuddy.ai can access the functionalities of the Edwin company, such as an adaptive chatbot or an on-demand tutoring service. The company brings education into the next century and demonstrates how virtual assisted teaching can work.


Post picture: MyBuddy.ai


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