As technology changes at an ever faster pace, companies need to pick up employees early and sensitize them to digitization and new challenges. For companies to be able to compete in the marketplace in the future, changes in processes, design and implementation are needed to exploit the full potential of disruption. Employees are the key to the success of such measures. Changes must be communicated openly, training should show them the possibilities of digital transformation, take away their fears of contact and motivate them to play an active role in shaping the company.

Transparent communication as a success factor

Agility, innovation and disruptive technologies are for most people in a company just words they pick up in the hallway or read in reports. In very few companies change has been fully communicated and explained in detail. Only rarely are all employees involved in the transformation process, transparently picked up and specifically trained for new tasks.

In order to communicate the change effectively, they must…

  • …become a central component of everyday working life and be directly linked to business strategies.
  • …prepare for new technologies through multi-dimensional training courses.
  • …involve all departments so that they can work together on the development of the company.


Continuing education in the field of digital transformation

When it comes to digitization, companies must be proactive and continuously train and educate their employees. This involves analytical and social skills that enable them to work together for the future.

Although there are of course exceptions, the training courses are not necessarily about dealing with new technologies, but about the ability to discuss the use of new digital technologies, to reflect on possibilities objectively and to recognize the added value in the new processes.

It is essential that companies act quickly so that they do not fall behind the competition. However, they must also understand that change will take a lot of time and that it is not necessary to force all employees to change directly, especially at the start of digital transformation. Rather, they must be gradually taken along and persuaded.


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