Singapore Airlines, which has distinguished itself for years through special service, is currently revamping its digital presence and customer approach. Soon the use of the latest AI technologies will optimize the customer experience and offer the more than 20 million passengers a personalized user experience.

This is made possible by the integration of the Insider Growth Management Platform, which already supports various Fortune 500 companies and top brands in individualizing the shopping experience. With the AI solution, Singapore Airlines can provide individual experiences for each passenger within minutes to meet all needs. The platform thus surpasses the possibilities of classic marketing clouds.


“We are delighted to see that Singapore Airlines has chosen to partner with Insider following a rigorous Request for Proposal (RFP) process with numerous marketing and personalization technology vendors and providers” HANDE CILINGIR, CEO & Co-founder at Insider


What does that mean in detail? In short, Singapore Airlines can now create a 360-degree view of each customer and optimize their customer experience across all channels. Artificial intelligence analyzes experiences based on historical data as well as real-time and predictive data to deliver a highly personalized user experience across the platform.

This unique booking experience is designed to increase customer loyalty and contribute to more frequent airline bookings. The Insider platform’s experience to date with customers from the retail, automotive and tourism sectors shows that this works.

The AI-supported platform is just one of many steps Singapore Airlines has taken towards digital transformation. At the beginning of the year they opened their own digital innovation laboratory, the KrisLab, with which they want to establish a comprehensive innovation program, which should also make them the leading international airline in the long term.


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