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The Renaissance of Change: Navigating the Age of Generative AI

In an era where the new becomes the old in the blink of an eye, the world of business is facing an unprecedented challenge. The ability of a company not only to master this change, but also to shape it as a pioneer, will determine its place in the future.

Managing and motivating innovative teams

As a leader, it's critical to manage your teams properly, especially when it comes to developing innovations. Discovering innovative ideas and products requires teams to be creative, agile and focused. But it takes more...

Digital Transformation – It Does Not Work Without the Employees

With the advancing technological change, companies have to pick up their employees early and sensitize them for the change.

Digital Leader – the Importance of Trust in the Digital Age

In times of digital transformation you need good digital leaders. One characteristic of these is the trusting relationship with customers and employees.

Establishing a culture of innovation – Disruption and risk-taking in companies

In times of technological change and disruption, companies need a revolution in their own structures. It needs a culture of innovation!

Digital Work Design: The Big Five for Work, Leadership and Organization in the Digital Age

In the course of digitalization, a lot will change. Organizations, too, have to consider a number of things in their processes when it comes to the digital world.

Designing digitalization: The opportunities of the VUCA world

Digital transformation is making its way into most companies and industries. In times of change one often reads about the so-called VUCA world. But what does this term mean?

Gartner, Inc. on the Barriers of Digital Transformation

Research institute Gartner, Inc. has identified the six major barriers to digital transformation in a recent survey.

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