Technologies change our companies and do not stop at marketing. Artificial intelligence, immersive media, edge computing or voice assistants all influence the way we position and communicate with our brands.

Artificial intelligence as a support of marketing

KI will change marketing for many companies. Especially in the interaction with the customer, the so-called Conversational AI, i.e. the interaction between man and machine, will become very important. Whether via voice or chat, companies can still optimize their own positioning in service.

Artificial intelligence also helps in other ways in brand management. It recognizes behavior patterns of the target group and helps to address customers and potential consumers individually and target group-oriented. The keyword here is Augmented Analytics.


Voice Assistants – Customers want to talk

A trend that is currently emerging strongly is intercation via the voice. While messengers and chatbots were the first way into an interactive customer relationship, voice assistants like Alexa, Siri or Google Home are the next logical step.

Brands will have to increasingly concentrate on voice-based brand management, both in the living room and at the point of sale. Thus the skills of the assistants are getting better and better and will very soon act as a central hub for smart home applications.


Immersive reality changes communication

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will not only change the industry but will also augment marketing. While data eyeglasses help coworkers up-to-date already in many enterprises with the maintenance and logistics, VR and AR will open new possibilities also in marketing.

Be it through applications such as IKEA’s immersive catalogue, Sky’s experience-oriented Virtual Reality application, where you can sit close to the playing field of the current football match, or through supplementary product information in Augmented Reality, which will convince even the most critical customer.


Edge Computing opens up undreamt-of possibilities in marketing

Industry 4.0 is certain that after cloud computing, Edge Computing will change everything. Especially the Internet of Things will become more dynamic and more accurate.
But what Edge Computing does for local systems can also be done in retail.

They can be equipped with sensors that directly evaluate information about customer behavior or possible branding problems and pass it on to an edge computing system.


All these technologies will be of particular importance for the coming years of marketing. However, one issue that will be relevant to all digital marketing applications is data protection. Countries and companies will have to consider a user-friendly and fair way of handling data in the coming years.


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