Meta’s plans for the Metaverse were already impressive. New headsets, affordable for everyone, unique smart devices for the connection of analog and digital worlds and quite a lot of pressure for Apple and Co, who have not yet presented their own hardware and software solutions optimally.

But now the schedule is changing a bit. Meta Platforms has now scaled back originally communicated plans to pioneer a range of augmented reality glasses in the next few years. This announcement is in response to the recent investment issues Meta has been facing. Due to the current crypto winter and the discovery phase of most companies and users, the tech giant behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp experienced high expenses. The new announcement is therefore an appropriate response, providing more time for elaboration and precision.

Meta has now announced that the first version of the AR glasses with the working name “Project Nazare”, which according to original plans was to be launched in 2024, will not be marketed. According to insiders, the glasses will instead become a demonstration product for applications in Meta’s Horizon. However, the second version of the glasses, which has the project name Artemis, gets a higher priority due to the postponement and gives the competition, like Apple, whose headset has been expected for years, more time for their own market entry.

You cannot take this news any way you want, but in my opinion, it makes sense to take more time for a good and well-thought-out project instead of rushing it and launching a less-than-optimal product on the market.


Post Image: Meta


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