How do you bring users into the metaverse? Meta wants to minimize touch points with Horizon Worlds and is launching an initial series of trials with it in North America.

Horizon Worlds, at least as defined by the former Facebook, is intended to be an encounter platform within the Metaverse. Within these virtual worlds, users will also be able to create their own worlds using a dedicated editor, similar to Minecraft or Roblox, and make them accessible to other Metaverse visitors.

The tools for this world building kit are very easy to use and should give everyone interested the opportunity to build their own piece of Horizon.

For just a few days, users of a Meta (formerly Oculus) Quest 1 and 2 or an Oculus Rift (S) have been able to interact with and move around the beta version of Horizon Worlds. Fü years accessible from the U.S. and Canada. A Facebook account is also required, via which the age is to be verified.

In addition to Horizon Worlds, Meta is also developing Horizon Home, which will serve as a virtual version of the living room, and Horizon Venues, for events and functions. Horizon Workrooms, the VR office, has been around for a while and was used intensively, especially during the pandemic show.

To enter Horizon Worlds, users must adhere to a strict digital VR code of conduct to avoid repeating the toxic mistakes of Facebook’s past. However, only time will tell if this can be enforced in the long run and beyond the beta version.

For now, Horizon Worlds is an attempt by the Meta company to bring the Metaverse closer to the general public and learn from the behavior of the still manageable user base.


Contribution image and video: Meta


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