Tag: AR

LEGO Playground App Brings Game Sets to Life

Together with Apple, LEGO brings their play sets to life in their Playground App and brings a new magic to the children's rooms.

Social AR – Magic Leaps Augmented Reality Avatar Chat

What does the future of social media look like? Magic Leap focuses on Augmented Reality and gives with its Avatar Chat a look into an immersive future.

David Bowie Is – Augmented Reality App

At the beginning of the year the immersive exhibition "David Bowie Is" finished its world tour. 2019 now follows an Augmented Reality App.

KAYAKS new Augmented Reality application measures your hand luggage

Never again have too much hand luggage on the plane. The new Augmented Reality app of the travel search engine KAYAK solves this problem!

Web-AR by 8th Wall – Augmented Realtiy for the mobile browser

The startup 8th Wall has taken Augmented Reality a big step forward with its Web-AR and made AR accessible for mobile browsers.