Smart Glasses on the rise – how technology is moving into our field of...

Smart glasses are increasingly conquering the market. Whether Facebook, Google or some other startups. The future of smart glasses is upon us.

How augmented reality and virtual reality improve the user experience

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we shop. Members of the Young Entrepreneur Council highlight some ways companies can use augmented reality or virtual reality for customer communications on the website to stand out and turn this shift in consumer behavior to their advantage.

Batman Bat-Tech app – with augmented reality you can now go on a crime...

With the Batman Bat-Tech augmented reality app, DC brings technological understanding to its young target audience.

Google brings Meet to their Smart Glasses

A good move in New Working - Google has announced that they plan to bring their Meet video conferencing service to Google Glass.

TextStyleBrush – Facebook’s translation AI replaces the texts in the identical handwriting

Translating texts in real time - it may not sound like a great innovation, but Facebook has created something unique with their TextStyleBrush.