Seit vielen Jahren bin ich mittlerweile als Trainer und Berater unterwegs. Doch eines wird in diesem Berufsfeld immer klar – es gibt viele verschiedene Charaktere, mit denen man täglich arbeiten und kommunizieren muss, um gemeinsam zu einem Ergebnis zu kommen. Das ist in den meisten Fällen eine spannende Herausforderung, doch manchmal braucht es viel mehr Kniffe, als sonst.

Thomas Erikson’s book “Surrounded by Idiots”* is an interesting bestseller from Sweden that sheds light on how to best communicate change and ideas and how to avoid misunderstandings. Maybe they are not all idiots after all, as some people think in everyday life – but it is simply a wrong communication strategy that one has chosen.


“People are not Excel spreadsheets, to be sure, and your behavior cannot be accurately predicted. But if we understand the basics of human communication behavior, we can avoid many misunderstandings.” – Thomas Erikson


Erikson draws on the four colors – four types model and presents in his book a lot of tools, ways of communicating and the harmony of body language and word choice. In my eyes, the author has created a humorous work with his examples from work, leisure and family, which can help everyone to organize their everyday life a little better. Thanks to Erikson, many a communication trap can be avoided – a great book for trainers, coaches and consultants.

In the meantime, Erikson’s book has been translated into 25 languages and the model of the four personality types has been successfully taken up by many colleagues.


You can buy the book here*


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