A new year, a new trend report. 2022 again has quite a few new technological achievements in it. But in this post I don’t want to give my usual forecast about hypethemes, like the Metaverse. If that interests you, you can find it here in the latest episode of the podcast “Shape of Tomorrow”.

The trends presented here are different from what we’ve seen in recent years. This year I asked Open-AI’s artificial intelligence team what trends they see for the new year and these were their predictions:

  1. Nanotechnology will be used in almost all industries
  2. Robots will have become commonplace and will be used in every home
  3. 3D printing will be prevalent throughout the world
  4. Driverless cars will be on the road and perfected
  5. 3D television will be a reality and used by everyone
  6. Drones will be used for many different purposes
  7. The Internet will become a different entity
  8. Big Data will be used for a variety of purposes
  9. People will become much more environmentally friendly and animal friendly
  10. Solar energy will become more and more popular

Let’s therefore take a slightly deeper look at the predictions


1. Nanotechnology will be used in almost all industries

In the new year, I think we can expect nanotechnology to be used in many different ways. So far still a bit in the background, the little robots are on their way to change all areas of daily life. In medicine, nanotechnology will be used to prevent the spread of cancer cells and repair damaged tissue. Another use will be in the food industry to keep food fresher for longer. In addition, it will help keep the environment a little cleaner, as nanobots can be used to destroy plastic or other trash in the oceans.


2. Robots will be commonplace and found in every home

In 2022, robots will have become commonplace and will be found in every household. In 2022, robots will be used for many different tasks. In their own homes, they will help people in the kitchen, in the garden and with housework. They will also be used in the care of the elderly and in the care of people with disabilities. In the workplace, it is expected that more and more companies will use robots to make people’s working lives easier and let the machines take over dangerous tasks.


3. 3D printing will be widely used all over the world

Yes, 3D printing is on the rise. More and more uses are being found for it in everyday life. As printers become cheaper and cheaper, we are seeing a small revolution in manufacturing. Whatever we need will increasingly simply come out of the printer. Bio-printing is also increasingly being used in medicine, and the first organs can already be created using bio-printing, albeit still at an early stage. In the new year, research on this will continue and it is expected that functional organs can soon be printed using stem cells.


4. Driverless cars will be on the roads and have been perfected

Driverless cars are a trend in mobility. In 2022, these will have been further perfected and will be seen more and more frequently on the roads. But this is just the beginning. If we look further into the future, scenarios are conceivable in which self-driving cars pick up children from school, drive them on vacation or take people to work. There are still quite a few issues that need to be addressed for this and the road traffic regulations alone need an urgent update for this, but the foundation has been laid.


5. 3D TV will become a reality and will be used by everyone

I admit, I wouldn’t want to put my hand in the fire for this prediction. The 3D TV has been a trend a few years ago, but its use is still waiting until today. I think a trend that will be much more relevant here is virtual reality and the other immersive media that could provide an even better experience in 3D. But maybe AI meant this trend as well….


6. Drones will be used for many different purposes

This trend, on the other hand, I see more realistically. Drones are already finding multiple uses, at least in concepts and strategies, even beyond the military. In the near future, therefore, whether on the streets or in the air, they will be used more and more for the delivery of packages, but also for the care of the elderly. An exciting area of application is also the use of camera drones for live reporting or for firefighters fighting fires.


7. The Internet will become a different entity

Talk of the Web3 is not traveling away, and has arguably fueled artificial intelligence in its prediction of the future. By 2022, she was certain, the Internet will have changed radically. The cloud will be used by many people to store information, photos and videos – both privately and in a professional context. To make this possible, new high-speed broadband connections will be used for this purpose.


8. Big Data will be used for various purposes

A related trend, Open AI’s discussion continues, will be Big Data. In a few years, the process of analyzing data will be used to make weather forecasts more accurate, for example. Big Data will also help governments develop better policies and protect the environment.


9. People will become much more environmentally and animal friendly

One trend that has been apparent for some time – although it has taken a bit of a back seat in the context of the pandemic – is a commitment to animal welfare and the environment. By 2022, people will be much more environmentally and animal friendly, Open-AI AI hopes. They will avoid using products that cause pollution and they will be much more mindful when buying food.


10. solar energy is becoming more popular

In 2022, solar energy will find many new followers, making it usable for many purposes. Be it heating and powering the houses with it or providing the cars with their energy supply. Especially in view of the increasing spread of electric mobility, it is not an improbable prediction that at least the wallboxes will receive their energy in this way.


Those were ten predictions from Open-AI artificial intelligence on technological trends in the new year. What do you say? Are these realistic or did the machine get it a little wrong after all when looking into the crystal ball? In any case, I found it very fascinating what focus the AI placed on its forecast and which aspects it particularly emphasized. Even though the AI went a bit against the predictions at the beginning and didn’t give conclusive answers right away, it was able to learn very quickly and increasingly added information and recommendations for action in addition to listing the trends. It was an interesting experiment, which I think will not be the last of its kind in 2022.

But: Not every trend listed here is something for the next year in my eyes, but in the long term, almost all topics will continue to occupy us.


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