“Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of Jeff Bezos and William Shatner”. When you think of space travel, images of movies like Star Wars or, of course, Star Trek or the adventures of the Starship Enterprise quickly come to mind. William Shatner aka Captain James T. Kirk contested great adventures with his crew aboard the Enterprise and inspired space pioneers like Elon Musk or also Jeff Bezon.

Now the actor of Captain Kirk is to really leave the confines of Earth and, according to current rumors, launch with Amazon billionaire Bezos on a manned space flight from Blue Origin.

William Shatner has become memorable for his role as Captain Kirk, and by launching into space, he can give manned spaceflight a whole other boost in terms of marketing. To this day, the fan community of Star Trek is unbroken and Captain Kirk in space, that merges science fiction and science fact proverbially.

The planned flight with Shatner would be the second flight of the Amazon founder’s space venture. On the maiden flight in July, Jeff Bezos, along with his brother, a test pilot and a graduate student, scratched the edge of our Earth. That put him just behind Sir Richard Branson in manned spaceflight, joining the current trend of the super-rich looking to conquer space.

Now, according to recent reports from TMZ, William Shatner is to be the next person to launch on a space flight. At 90, he would be the oldest person ever to fly into space. Whether there is any truth to the rumors and whether Captain Kirk will finally be able to take a seat in the space chair remains to be seen.


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