With all the problems on our planet, it has been a little quieter in recent months around the developments of space travel and the mission of mankind to explore Mars and Co. But even if the focus is currently placed differently, there are still some pioneers in this field. One of them is Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD), which is now developing its “Versal System-on-a-Chip” with a focus on space.

The Versal SoCs system is designed to enable satellites to better process data and generate new insights using AI. In doing so, the performance of AMD’s chip is higher than previously possible. But what makes the system truly unique is that it can be reprogrammed on the fly to handle different types of workloads. So, depending on the task at hand, the algorithms can switch the satellites to a different task without much effort or hassle.

After the radiation-resistant Versal SoC achieves Class B qualification, making them attractive to defense departments and the like, it is expected to begin shipping early next year. This could fundamentally optimize the capabilities of satellites.


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