One of the most frequently cited obstacles to electromobility is the poorly developed infrastructure. With the advance of the electric car, we would not only need many more charging stations, but also a completely different energy supply to meet the growing demand. Engineers in the U.S. want to find a solution and are therefore currently testing a new type of road on which electric vehicles can be charged while driving.

Readers who have now dived a little deeper into the subject are probably now thinking to themselves that inductive charging has so far often been mentioned in connection with the infrastructure for electromobility and that there are nevertheless many obstacles, but this is precisely where the current research comes into play.

The Indiana Department of Transportation (Indot) and Purdue University have taken it upon themselves to test the practical application of a magnetized concrete from Germany. Magment is the name of the company behind the trials. Founded in 2015, the company promises to be able to offer a charging capacity of 200 watts to 250 watts with their MagPad charging mats. Whether or not this is possible for widespread use, the research partners are now testing on a section of road on the Purdue University campus.

The MagPad mat material is a combination of concrete and recycled magnetic particles that can be molded into any desired shape. The particles are capable of conducting electricity to power a vehicle equipped with an inductive charging plate in the chassis while driving.

The success of the test series is particularly central for the German company. If the U.S. trial is successful, Indot will produce a quarter-mile section of the Magment track on government land for a fleet of electric trucks, while an even larger section on a public road could follow.

The idea behind charging electric vehicles as often as possible – and in a more convenient and time-saving way – is a way forward for many. It therefore remains to be seen how the experiments will turn out and when similar trials will take place on international roads.


Post Picture: Magment


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