Artificial intelligence is one of the central topics of our time. No industry, department or decision maker can avoid the possibilities of the technology. However, there is rarely a full view of the advantages and possibilities of AI in practical use. “AI@media” wants to do away with this view, which is so often based on technical and IT-based facts, and take a look at the fields of application and users and behind the scenes of AI. We answer the question where AI really makes sense and how companies from the communications and media industry can learn from others.

Communication, service and recruiting: the topic areas of “AI@media” focus not only on specific functionalities of thinking machines, robots and chatbots, but on a fully comprehensive view of artificial intelligence in practical use by companies from the communication and media industry.

In addition to presentations on the first day of the conference, “AI@media” also includes deep-dive workshops to explore the topics in more depth (Day 2).

The digital conference AI@media is an offer of the companies DIGITAL PUBLISHING REPORT and Alexander Pinker – Innovation-Profiling.


More information and also the free registration are available here!


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