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Charging electric cars while driving – this German company wants to...

How can electromobility really conquer the roads in just a few years? For this to succeed, new solutions for the charging infrastructure are needed. The German company Magment is now testing its inductive charging solution in the USA.

Aptera – An electric car that never needs charging?

Aptera Motors introduces the first electric car with solar cells, which, according to them, never needs to be charged.

Tesla Semi Truck – The electric truck to revolutionise logistics

The Tesla Semi Truck is coming onto the roads. As Elon Musk has now announced, the truck with electric drive is now to go into series production.

The race to catch up in electric mobility – 1.7 million...

When it comes to electric mobility, Germany is moving into the fast lane. By 2021, car manufacturers want to have overtaken China as the hotspot of eMobility.

Volkswagen presents autonomous charging robot

Volkswagen uses charging robots to transport the electricity directly to the parked cars. All without charging stations and other structural measures.