Sometimes, artificial intelligence does completely surprising things. This is what happened with an international research team from Australia, Canada and the USA. Here, the artificial intelligence used recognized the skin color of patients from X-ray images and irritated the researchers.

After the team deposited X-ray images of various patients with the AI for training, the artificial intelligence not only began to output medical findings, but also pointed out the ethnicity of the patients, although no data was provided on this.

The team was really irritated by the fact that they themselves could not understand what led the artificial intelligence to correctly predict skin color. The study design was such that even indirect visual features could not be used. Despite everything, the machine detected new correlations that require further research.

Despite all the excitement about the findings, however, the research team also cautions. Since it is a known problem in medicine that people of different skin color are often treated differently, scientists and doctors must think along in the future so that the AI does not draw conclusions from this misbehavior and start actions that were not even intended by the creators.


The full findings of the research team are available here as a PDF!


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