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Artificial intelligence recognizes patient’s skin color from X-ray images

Sometimes artificial intelligence does do completely surprising things. In an experiment conducted by an international research team, the artificial intelligence used recognized the skin color of patients from X-ray images.

Surgical education in Virtual Reality – how the Oculus Business Platform revolutionizes medicine

Medicine is increasingly discovering virtual reality for itself. Especially the surgical education is revolutionized by VR, as this Use Case shows.

The future of medicine – artificial mini-livers successfully tested

Through the successful breeding of a mini liver, the future of medicine is becoming more and more tangible.

Dr. Spot – Boston Dynamics relieves doctors and medical staff with robots

Spot, the dog-like robot from Boston Dynamics is the latest tool in the fight against COVID-19 and helps clinicians manage patients.

Coronavirus provides collaboration between unexpected partners

The coronavirus is bringing more and more companies together. Collaborations for a greater goal are shaping the corporate world these days.

Robot supports supermicrosurgery in the operating rooms

The digitalisation of medicine cannot be stopped. Robots are also increasingly being used in operating theatres and support surgeons.

Artificial intelligence independently develops new drugs for the first time

Technological change plays a major role in drug development in particular. Now, for the first time, a drug developed entirely by artificial intelligence is appearing.

RaDoTech – The Medical Full Body Scan for the Home

In times of medical self-determination, the RaDoTech company offers a full body scan that can be done comfortably from home.

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