Tag: Medicine

Artificial intelligence recognizes patient’s skin color from X-ray images

Sometimes artificial intelligence does do completely surprising things. In an experiment conducted by an international research team, the artificial intelligence used recognized the skin color of patients from X-ray images.

Surgical education in Virtual Reality – how the Oculus Business Platform...

Medicine is increasingly discovering virtual reality for itself. Especially the surgical education is revolutionized by VR, as this Use Case shows.

The future of medicine – artificial mini-livers successfully tested

Through the successful breeding of a mini liver, the future of medicine is becoming more and more tangible.

Dr. Spot – Boston Dynamics relieves doctors and medical staff with...

Spot, the dog-like robot from Boston Dynamics is the latest tool in the fight against COVID-19 and helps clinicians manage patients.

Coronavirus provides collaboration between unexpected partners

The coronavirus is bringing more and more companies together. Collaborations for a greater goal are shaping the corporate world these days.