Everyday Experiments – How IKEA and SPACE10 are shaping the future of living

Technologies are changing the way we work and live together – but what influence do they have on our homes? How is our living space changing and what are the possibilities for the future? IKEA and the design agency SPACE10 face this question and try to solve these puzzles. In Everyday Experiments they show how we can control our home in the future, how technologies will play a bigger role and why it is relevant to include topics like privacy, trust and gamification in the new home.

On the Everyday Experiments page, they show how we can deal with the issues through a series of digital experiments. They show how the relationship between people and technology can be shaped and what merging of tradition and modernity can be managed. The experiments deal with topics such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and spatial intelligence.

You’ll find topics such as how to create silence in a noisy and turbulent living space through technology. How a digital companion can look like to guide us through the transformation or how the smartphone can become the control center of tomorrow’s home.



From reimagining daily routines to absolute radical innovation, IKEA and SPACE10 create a glimpse into the world of tomorrow. They collaborate with experts and designers to visualize the topics in the best possible way. For example, the “Sound Bubbles” experiment can easily transform a living room into an office, while the kitchen can become a call center – an experiment that fits beautifully into the New Working.

The goal behind the collaboration, the partners say, is to allow technologies to flow into our homes without being disruptive or interfering with our freedom. Elegant blending is the most important thing and the goal of the two companies.

For a list of IKEA and SPACE10’s experiments, visit Everyday Experiments.



Post picture: IKEA / SPACE10

Alexander Pinker
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