Disrupt Yourself

Disrupt Yourself – About the adventure of having to reinvent yourself in the digital...

In his new book "Disrupt Yourself" Christoph Keese dedicates himself to personal digital change. A book recommendation...
DigitalPact School Germany

The DigitalPact School: How Digitisation Enables Education 4.0

The digital transformation is not stopping at the education sector either. The DigitalPact School is supposed to lead German schools into the future!
David Bowie is

David Bowie Is – Augmented Reality App

At the beginning of the year the immersive exhibition "David Bowie Is" finished its world tour. 2019 now follows an Augmented Reality App.
Innovation im Marketing

Innovation in marketing – 3 tips for companies and marketers

Our world is flooded with information. It is therefore necessary to break new ground and develop innovative marketing campaigns.
Neuromarketing in der Innovation

Innovation marketing – what innovators can learn from neuromarketing

The search for something new is a basic prerequisite for innovation marketing. However, many start-ups and companies find it difficult to communicate these innovations to their customers or employees. Neuromarketing helps here.