Robot dogs have been more of a toy than man’s best friend in recent years. They lacked the empathy and attachment that dogs use to make their owners’ lives more enjoyable every day. But Koda’s robot dog, with its AI functionality, may be a serious first competitor.

Koda Robot Dog and the exploration of a Robot Guide Dog (Source: Koda Robot Dog)


The artificial intelligence of Koda’s dog is designed to interact with its owner. It is supposed to recognize whether the user is happy, sad or excited, so that after a short learning phase, the robot is able to respond to human emotion and pay better attention to its owner. It will not necessarily replace the furry companion, but will be used increasingly as a guide dog or guard dog.

What makes Koda special is that its decentralized, blockchain-based, infrastructure will allow it to respond to complex problems and learn new skills, such as that of a service dog.

The blockchain used by Koda not only allows the robot dog’s data to be secure, but also allows the decentralized AI to respond to multiple problems simultaneously. Using Koda’s robot dog as an example, this means that it can both learn what emotions are currently going on with its owner, but also learn and interact without being at risk of being hacked.

Koda are not the first in the robot dog market in this regard. Boston Dynamic’s Spot is also said to be a reinterpretation of the dog. Koda’s AI dog is available for between $45,000 and $55,000.


Post Picture: Koda


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