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The first airport for air cabs – More than 200 additional ventiports planned

Air-One is the world's first air cab hub. The future of mobility is not only to be tested here, because the Ventiport is the forerunner of many other projects.

Flying past the traffic jam with the Jetson One

Flying cars, air cabs and individual transportation that takes place between the clouds. With the Jetson One, a Swedish company wants to make this dream of tomorrow's mobility a reality.

Status quo – who is currently working on the flying car?

The future of mobility is in the air. But who are there on the market and what share do they have in current developments in the areas of air taxi or flying car?

Silent Air – the new air taxi from Aachen

Air taxis currently employ many companies. With Silent Air, a research team from Aachen now joins these ranks.

Air taxis at Frankfurt Airport – Fraport cooperates with Volocopter

Air taxis could become reality by 2025. Airport operator Fraport is working in cooperation with Volocopter on its own air taxis at Frankfurt Airport.

The future of mobility

Mobility is changing fundamentally. Automobile manufacturers and urban planners are already having to adapt to completely new challenges.

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