You know the situation? You’re walking or you see something you can’t relate to? Be it a flower, a bird or a brand of car. Google offers a solution for these moments with the Google Lens. The Augmented Reality app analyses a photo and immediately starts searching for information. But since yesterday, the app has become even more intelligent.

As Google has published on their blog, Google Lens should in future not only help us to identify everyday objects, but also make us more productive in our virtual work.


Digitize notes without problems

Even though as a consultant I help companies with digital transformation and the development of their future strategies, I love to write my notes by hand. In my different notebooks I can record the meeting, I can scribble concepts or simply capture a thought quickly. But after some time the books get fuller and it gets harder and harder to keep track.



With the new feature of Google Lens this should be a thing of the past. You can simply select paper notes and transfer them to your phone or computer to categorize and file them correctly.

Although copying text requires the latest version of Chrome and a decent handwriting, you can quickly process your own thoughts digitally when this is given.


Learn pronunciation

Especially when you read texts in another language, you often stumble over passages or words that lack the optimal pronunciation. This can be embarrassing in telephone conversations with customers if you simply cannot pronounce a term that is familiar to them.

Listen to printed text read out loud with Google Lens

Listen to printed text read out loud with Google Lens (Source: Google)


Google Lens, in the version published since yesterday, texts can not only be translated into foreign or the own language. The app also reads out complicated words or paragraphs and clarifies the correct pronunciation.


Find additional information quickly

In essence, Google is still a search engine. Therefore, applications like Lens do nothing else but search the vastness of the Internet for solutions. So if you come across a word or sentence in a concept, book or newspaper that you don’t quite understand, you can use Google Lens to search for additional information and have it displayed directly below the camera image.


Even if the functions are not quite as mature as they might sound in the Google article, the Google Lens app is an exciting addition to your own digital work toolbox.



Photos and post picture: Google



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