If you thought in the past of a pandemic as we are currently experiencing, nobody would have imagined that we would look so silly in some cases. Science fiction movies have shown us Mad Max-like scenarios – today we walk around with fabric masks adorned with ducks or flower patterns. It almost seems as if the longing for the clothing style of dystopian movies inspired the Production Club in Los Angeles to create the cyberpunk protective suit Micrashell.

Micrashell was designed by the company behind the touring productions of artists like The Cell or Skrillex to speed up the soon to come concerts.

“As a creative company, our job is to come up with ideas on how to solve different problems, so I felt we needed to do something to help the industry come back to life. After a brainstorm session we came up with around 20 ideas – but designing a suit that would still allow you to socialize and attend events was definitely the coolest one. That’s how Micrashell was born.” – Miguel Risueño, Production Club

The Micrashell suit is airtight, easy to clean and designed for the safest possible interaction at concerts. Even smoking and drinking are possible with the suit. The suit has been designed to be as close as possible to traditional human interaction, but at the same time has implemented a number of features that you would only expect in a virtual environment.


Functions of Micrashell (Source: Production Club)


Currently the suit is still in the prototyping phase, but should the lockdown last any longer, the cyberpunk suit will bring science fiction fashion style to us faster than we expected.


Post picture: Production Club


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