Wireality brings haptic feedback into virtual reality

Virtual Reality lets us dive into completely strange worlds. But with current technology, complete immersion, i.e. complete immersion in the virtual environment, is hardly possible. There is a lack of possibilities that we know from the real world. Haptic is almost impossible so far. With Wireality, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University want to make virtual reality considerably more physical and transfer haptics into the virtual environment.

Wireality is a shoulder-mounted system of retractable wires used to give the hand the most realistic feedback possible while exploring the virtual world. The wires stop the hand and adapt it to the shape of a virtual object that is touched in the VR application.


Wireality: Enabling Complex Tangible Geometries in Virtual Reality with Worn Multi-String Haptics (Source: Future Interfaces Group)


The generation of haptic feedback via wires is nothing new and is already used in other contexts. But Wireality now brings this feedback into the virtual world. The very detailed control of the motors and the various rewinding devices make a variety of haptic experiences possible. Research team would like to use the technology especially for gaming, virtual visits to museums or virtual shopping.

Although the researchers are currently still in the early stages of their developments, Wireality is already showing how ever better immersion is becoming possible.


Post Picuture: Wireality

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