It is our new everyday life – video telephony. Millions of people all over the world are currently chatting using tools such as Zoom, Skype or Meet. But interaction via the camera is slowly becoming tiresome, and social interaction lacks the interaction component. HTC wants to change this with its Virtual Reality Meeting application.

The HTC Vive Sync platform is designed for business meetings in virtual reality and is now in the open beta phase. Since last week companies can test the VR Meeting for free and make their own experiences with Virtual Reality conferences.


Welcome to Vive Sync

Welcome to Vive Sync (Source: HTC Vive)


Participants can first create an avagar at Vive Sync. Everything from hairstyles, facial features and body types is included. According to HTC, the goal of the avatars is to be as alive as possible. For this reason, the VR devices follow every movement as closely as possible in order to reproduce mouth and eye movements optimally and to give the virtual counterpart a feeling of familiarity.

Especially the eye movements are unique in Virtual Reality. This is made possible by the Vive Pro Eye Headset, which documents and reproduces the eye movements of the user.

Currently, meetings in Virtual Reality support up to 30 participants and can be integrated with collaborative tools such as OneDrive for access to PDFs, videos and other documents during the meeting.


Innovation Profile: HTC Vive Sync

HTC Vive Sync brings virtual reality to corporate conference rooms and can take virtual meetings to the next level. The innovation profile of the application is as follows:

Innovation Profile Vive Sync

Social VR is nothing new Facebook and Co have been working for a long time on a way to present social interaction in VR. But Vive Sync brings the application into companies for the first time and enables a very human interaction through eye-tracking and lip-syncing. The innovation is therefore to be placed in the middle range, while uncertainty and complexity are to be placed very low. However, the conflict content is high, as the application currently only works with HTC headsets, thus limiting a wide range of applications in terms of hardware alone.


Post picture: HTC Vive


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