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Artificial intelligence recognizes COVID-19 by cough

Researchers at MIT have trained an artificial intelligence to identify COVID-19 by coughing patients.

The Postpandemic Workforce – How we will work after COVID-19

How will we work after COVID-19? A new study from McKinsey shows how digitalization, automation and health management will shape the companies of tomorrow.

School in India inspires pupils with Augmented Reality

To make teaching at home more interactive and interesting, a school in Moorkanad, India has come up with something special with the help of Augmented Reality.

Google Sodar uses augmented reality to help maintain social distance

Google Sodar uses web-based augmented reality technology to help maintain social distance during the current corona pandemic.

How galleries and art fairs find their way into virtual reality

With the outbreak of COVID-19 came a standstill in museums, galleries and art fairs around the world. However, some houses quickly recognized and took their chance in the virtual world.

What COVID-19 means for the future of work

What does the corona virus mean for the future of work and how will our behaviour change in the long term after the pandemic: a look at the trends.

“Corona is an accelerant for digitization” – Analysis for Surviving Corona Crisis

Even after COVID-19, the world of work and everyday life as we know it will not be the same as before, says future strategist Alexander Pinker in his analysis for the "Surviving Corona Crisis" initiative.

“Collaboration will carry us into the future” – Interview Surviving Corona Crisis

Interview for Surviving Corona Crisis on "Collaboration will carry us into the future".
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