What does the future of the automotive industry look like? Is it hydrogen or electric mobility? Even if this question has not been finally clarified, German automakers are overtaking at least in the field of eMobility. According to the “Electric Vehicle Index 2020”, a study by McKinsey, BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler are catching up enormously when it comes to electric cars.

According to the forecasts of the management consultancy, they will even overtake China, currently the largest manufacturer of electric cars, in the next few years. The main focus is on the further development of the e-drive, but also on the combination of different drive systems. The study, which is prepared in cooperation with Wirtschaftswoche, predicts that production rates among German carmakers have risen enormously.

In 2019, for example, they will have built around half a million electric cars with electric drive or plug-in hybrids and would like to increase these figures to around 1.7 million in 2021.
However, the study does not stop at forecasting the production figures. The sales market also shows an increase of 55% compared to 2018. This increase in the sales figures for hybrids or electric cars is thus higher than in any other country in Europe.

According to McKinsey, with current developments in sight, Europe could very soon outpace the US and China and become the “hotspot of electric mobility”. At the moment, the companies are focusing particularly on hybrids.

But research is also being conducted on other forms of mobility for the cars of the future. Such diverse efforts can give a boost to the country’s innovative strength and open up completely new potential, also for other industries and sectors.


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