Health is a megatrend. More and more companies, start-ups and innovators are looking at the opportunities of physical and mental well-being. According to the innovators, diseases and disabilities should quickly become a thing of the past and people should live longer and longer.

In his book “Future Medicine: How Silicon Valley wants to defeat diseases and prolong our lives “*, the SPIEGEL reporter Thomas Schulz shows where the journey is headed. Through intensive research and discussions with researchers, corporations and developers, he shows how the medical industry has changed in recent years and where it will develop in the future.


The future of the healthcare sector under the microscope

More and more sectors are converging in the healthcare sector. Whether robotics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or genetics. Everything that man is currently developing has an influence on current developments. Even digitization, as Schulz clearly shows, does not stop at medicine.

Topics such as CRISPR and biotechnology are highlighted as well as the problems of ruthlessness and greed for profit. In his book, the reporter takes on the difficult task of illuminating current developments from all perspectives. A balancing act between conspiracy theories, fear and euphoria about the future.

As an innovation profiler and future strategist, thanks to the book by Thomas Schulz I have gained an even better insight into the current debates in the healthcare industry and got to know many new technologies and innovations that will shape the medicine of the future.


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