At the beginning of the year the immersive exhibition “David Bowie Is” finished its world tour. The touring exhibition around the deceased music legend enthused over two million spectators in twelve cities. But even after the end of the exhibition the fans can still experience the magic of Bowie’s personal archives, because an Augmented Reality App is released.

David Bowie Is (Source: David Bowie is Real)


The “David Bowie Is” AR app gives fans immersive access to an archive of costumes, music videos, handwritten texts and original works. But Augmented Reality doesn’t just show the objects that were exhibited on the world tour. Approximately 60 additional items are implemented in the AR experience, which were never shown in the original exhibition. The app will officially be available on iOS and Android on January 8, 2019 – just in time for Bowie’s 72nd birthday. The idea behind the app is as direct as David Bowie himself was…


“View it at your leisure or jump directly to the things you love. Revisit as often as you like and save any item to your own collection within the app. This spectacular iteration of the iconic exhibition is yours forever.”


The Augmented Reality version of the exhibition is the first of its kind. Each object, according to the website of the App, was lovingly recorded in 360 degrees and complemented by an immersive audio experience with Bowie’s music and narrative. A fully immersive virtual reality version of the collection is also expected during 2019.

The app will be designed by New York studio Planeta in cooperation with the David Bowie Archive and Sony Music Entertainment. With the help of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology David Bowie lives on, because his fans can experience the artist again and again through his music and videos and thanks to immersive media even closer to him.


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