Medical self-determination plays a central role in our time. From Smartwatch and others Wearables, which measure our heart rate and sleep quality, to self-tests and self-diagnoses, we are only at the beginning of a revolution in the megatrend of the health society. The company is taking the next step towards optimising its own health RaDoTech. Their development helps to measure the own vital functions in a self scan and to receive a holistic view of the own body.

RaDoTech: Your Personal Full-Body Health Scanner

RaDoTech: Your Personal Full-Body Health Scanner (Source: RaDoTech)


Whether information about how the lung develops or how it is about your own pancreas or stomach, everything is imaginable. RaDoTech is a simple handheld device that can perform a full body scan within five minutes.

According to the company, this is made possible by electric currents that are emitted at certain acupressure points of the body. The clinically tested results are then sent to the user’s smartphone so that they have a complete report on their current state of health and can adapt their behaviour accordingly.


Innovation Profile: RaDoTech

The RaDoTech is a consumer tool for everyone. The results help to get more information about the optimal life and to adapt accordingly.

This simple type of body scan is extremely new and offers little complexity in use, at least according to previous information. But as always, when it comes to medical devices and data, the uncertainty and the associated conflict content is very high, since one has to look at the data rather critically.

Fazit: RaDoTech wants to give everyone their own health into their hands and this is a remarkable mission considering our time. Whether the diagnosis is really serious in terms of accuracy can only be shown by the long-term use of the broad mass.


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