Alexander Pinker - Presse

Current press and media coverage of Alexander Pinker’s initiatives, events and appearances. In addition, a list of current publications in print and online media is also provided here.

“Silicon Vilstal – Creative Entrepreneurial Spirit in the South of Landshut” – hugo magazin

The Silicon Vilstal Innovation Festival will take place for the third time from September 21 to 23,2018. An insight into the initiative that I have accompanied since its inception in the regional lifestyle magazine hugo.

“Digital precaution – now!” digina 2017

A total of 22 lectures, workshops and panel discussions were held in Munich on 16 November 2017, focusing on digital life, digital heritage and digital life. A report on digina 2017 - The conference on digital life can be found here in the blog of our conference.

Digital heritage under test – digina BarCamp 2017

On November 4th, 2017 the digina Barcamp took place at the Burda Bootcamp in Munich. The central theme: Our digital life and what happens to it after our death. What the participants expected in the summary on the digina blog.

Interview with the digina team – digital danach

Introduction of the five-member conference team of digina 2017 at digital. danach, the independent information portal on the subject of digital bequests, online mourning and remembrance on the Internet.

3rd Munich Event Day – High Tech versus High Touch

Report from tw tagungswirtschaft about the keynote "Digital Innovation - Is the Event Industry Ready for the Future" at the 3rd Munich Event Day.