Disrupt Yourself – About the adventure of having to reinvent yourself in the digital world

Springer manager Christoph Keese has a new book on the market. After his bestsellers “Silicon Valley” and “Silicon Germany” he now dedicates his new book to personal digital change. The very title of the book “Disrupt Yourself – Vom Abenteuer, sich in der digitalen Welt neuininden zu müssen “* (Disrupt Yourself – From the adventure of having to reinvent oneself in the digital world)* makes one thing clear: we must all confront digitalization and see it not as a danger, but as an adventure.

All industries are feeling the change. Job profiles are changing, new technologies and business models are conquering the market. In his new book, Christoph Kesse challenges readers not to concern themselves with the horrors of the future, but to recognize their own personal strengths and use them for the future. As already in its Vorbücher it shows with wit and versatile practical examples, how the own change can succeed and how Disrupt Yourself can become the mission in the life and in the enterprise!


“The change that lies ahead of us is fast and confusing. This book provides a first systematic approach to the topic.” – Extract “Disrupt Yourself”


The special thing about this work by the digitisation expert is that he not only describes the managers, but also directly responds to the people. He tells of people whose professional future was threatened by digitisation and shows how they have succeeded in changing. According to Keese, there are various ways of doing this in disruption. Whether it is their own adventure or the transformation of the previous company is in the hands of each individual.

The book gives managers, freelancers and employees a good insight into the current situation of a digital market environment and gives practical tips on how to actively develop oneself further. “Disrupt Yourself” – an important and forward-looking message that the author gives readers.


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Alexander Pinker
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