Flying cars, air taxis and individual traffic that takes place between the clouds. We are familiar with these images from science fiction movies and series. So the name of the new multicopter from Sweden couldn’t be more fitting – the company Jetson Aero presents its Jetson One, which quickly conjures up head images reminiscent of the TV series Jetsons.

The multicopter differs from flying cars and jetpacks in that its design is more reminiscent of a drone than a car. But the principle remains the same. The Jetson One is designed to get you from A to B without being tied down by roads, traffic jams or traffic.

It can reach speeds of up to 102 km/ and stay in the air for up to 20 minutes. Not a long time for a vacation trip, but a good step forward for a prototype. Those who now think that not everyone is suited to be a pilot and that the control of such a device alone poses great challenges are not mistaken. But the Jetson One’s built-in intelligent safety features help it automatically avoid obstacles and provide the pilot with the best possible support. Control via a control joystick should also make it easier to take to the skies.

The aircraft, which is largely made of aluminum and carbon fiber, is expected to cost 80,000 euros at launch and, unlike cars or motorcycles, will have to be assembled by the customer. However, the product is still far from a mass market. Similar to air cabs and other developments, standards and laws still keep individual air transport very much in check, and the range and carrying capacity of the multicopter still need to be improved.

Despite all this, the mobility turnaround and the constant work on new and innovative solutions for tomorrow’s transport is a topic that does not let go of companies and corporations. Thus, the Jetson One is one of many attempts to shape a new future.


Post picture and video: Jetson Aero


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