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The Future on Four Wheels: IAA MOBILITY 2023 and the Automotive Revolution

Tomorrow, the gates of IAA MOBILITY 2023 will swing open in Munich, unveiling a tantalizing glimpse into the near and distant future of automotive design and technology. And what a future it promises to be! Imagine strolling down the aisles, with every booth unfolding a story of innovation, vision, and electrification.

Reaching the destination at over 1,000 km/h – high-speed capsules for passengers and goods are being built in Canada

In Canada, work is starting on the construction of a passenger jet that will take passengers and goods to their destination at over 1,000 km/h - climate-neutral and safe.

How the quantum battery makes it possible to charge an electric car in just a few seconds

Electric cars currently took a very long time to charge. With a quantum battery, this may soon be a thing of the past. But what does the method from quantum technology really bring?

Metaverse Mobile – How Augmented Reality and Co Conquer the Car

With the advent of the metaverse, the discussion of the car as the entertainment center of the future has come back into focus. VentureBeat has now published an exciting reflection that talks about the disruption of the automotive industry by the metaverse.

Company Watch: Zeleros – with the European Hyperloop from Berlin to Paris in one hour

2045 - a Hyperloop capsule quietly drives forward and takes us from Berlin to Paris in one hour. Zeleros in Spain is actively working to connect Europe via Hyperloop and make this vision a reality.

Metamobility from Hyundai Motor – walking on Mars in the Metaverse

Hyundai Motor combines metaverse and mobility in Metamobility. The company explained how this will work at CES 2022.

Flying past the traffic jam with the Jetson One

Flying cars, air cabs and individual transportation that takes place between the clouds. With the Jetson One, a Swedish company wants to make this dream of tomorrow's mobility a reality.

A look back…at the future of mobility

In this issue of "A look back..." we take a look at not entirely realistic visions of tomorrow's mobility.

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