Tag: Mobility

Company Watch: Zeleros – with the European Hyperloop from Berlin to...

2045 - a Hyperloop capsule quietly drives forward and takes us from Berlin to Paris in one hour. Zeleros in Spain is actively working to connect Europe via Hyperloop and make this vision a reality.

Metamobility from Hyundai Motor – walking on Mars in the Metaverse

Hyundai Motor combines metaverse and mobility in Metamobility. The company explained how this will work at CES 2022.

Flying past the traffic jam with the Jetson One

Flying cars, air cabs and individual transportation that takes place between the clouds. With the Jetson One, a Swedish company wants to make this dream of tomorrow's mobility a reality.

A look back…at the future of mobility

In this issue of "A look back..." we take a look at not entirely realistic visions of tomorrow's mobility.

Future of mobility – VW and Microsoft expand their partnership

Volkswagen is focusing on e-mobility, artificial intelligence and digitalisation for the future. Microsoft should help the carmaker in this.